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Liquid Collagen

Younique daily you liquid collagen shot


Why choose liquid collagen?

These collagen sachets are currently available to buy through the salon.

They are a tear 1 premium, sustainably sourced, marine liquid collagen.

They contain hyaluronic acid to hydrate the skin and acerola cherry derived vitamin C to help the collagen absorb better into the skin.


Key facts

  • 50-100 times the strength of eating an orange

  • 90% is absorbed into the body

  • Hair is fuller and grows quicker

  • Skin, nails, teeth and lashes are improved 

  •   Body is more hydrated 

  • Collagen makes up three quarters of what holds your skin together

  • Collagen rapidly declines after the age of 40 

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How to buy 

To purchase a subscription please email Charlotte or contact the salon. Orders are sent direct to your house and postage is free. Your prescription can be cancelled any time but we recommend your try for a minimum of 3 months. 

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